Pierre Bérubé, Professor (Dept. Civil Engineering – UBC)

Associated Faculty

Eric Hall, Professor (Dept. Civil Engineering – UBC)

Madjid Mohseni Professor (Dept. Chemical and Biological Engineering – UBC)

Benoit Barbeau Professor (Dept. Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique)

Bob Andrews Professor (Dept. Civil Engineering – University of Toronto)


Current Graduate Students

Jörg Winter (Ph.D. Candidate)
Graduated Engineer, Water Management – Urban Water Management (Dipl.-Ing. Wasserwirtschaft, Vertiefungsrichtung Siedlungswasserwirtschaft), Technische Universität Dresden (University of Technology Dresden)

Shona Robinson (Ph.D. Candidate)

MSc in Environmental Chemistry, University of Toronto
BScH in Chemistry, Queen’s University

Nesar Khadem (M.A.Sc. Candidate)

Francois St-Pierre (M.A.Sc. Candidate)



Past Graduate Students

Syed Abdhullah (Ph.D.)

Christina Stark (M.A.Sc.)

Patricia Oka (M.A.Sc.)

Sepideh Jankhah (Ph.D.)

Colleen Chan (Ph.D.)

Blair Fulton (M.A.Sc.)

Wade Archambault (M.A.Sc.)

Parmashwaree Bahadoorsingh (Ph.D.)

Isabel C. Lonoño Montoya (M.A.Sc.)

Soubhagya Pattanayak (Ph.D.)

Kerry Black (M.A.Sc.)

Dongying Ye (M.A.Sc.)

Farah Chowdhury (M.A.Sc.)

Adeline Chin (M.A.Sc.)

Hong (Echo) Lin (M.A.Sc.)

Ellen Lei (M.A.Sc.)


Current Visiting Research Scholars/Students

Martin Schulz (Ph.D. Candidate – Technische Universität Hamburg, Germany)


Past Visiting Research Scholars/Students 

Roman Vortisch (M.A.Sc. – Dresden University of Technology, Germany)

Marion Cerrak (M.A.Sc. Ecole Politechnique Federale de Lausanne)

Christina Stark (B.A.Sc. – Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Giuseppe Merendino (B.A.Sc. – Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Karine Philippe (Post-Doctoral Fellow; Ph.D. Cranfield University)

Nastassia König (B.A.Sc. – Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Lutz Böhm (Ph.D. – Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Sven Bretschneider (M.Eng. – Dresden University of Technology, Germany)

Maxence Tourais (M.Eng. – Engineering School of Poitiers, France)

Marie Douane (B.A.Sc. – Engineering School of Poitiers, France)

Nicolas Ratkovich (Ph.D. – Ghent University)


Research Staff

Paula Parkinson (Lab Manager)

Tim Ma (Research Technician)

Fred Koch (Pilot Facility Manager)

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